Technical Assistance and support

Simplify the IT processes and implement the best practices to increase the value of your business.

Through SAP Solution Manager module, you can obtain the maximum value from the implementation of SAP products and support commitments. This module centralizes all the tracking activities of the system and is the main source of information for all aspects regarding the lifecycle of the IT solution. SAP Solution Manager is offered without additional costs by Fair Value to its customers, as an integral part of the SAP Standard or Enterprise license maintenance agreement.

Ensure the continuity of your business

By reducing very high priority incidents and downtimes caused by modifications, the module increases the system performances and it ensures the continuity of the business.

Decrease of deployment duration

By reducing the time from formulating queries until delivery, the duration of the testing phase and through a correct management of the personalized code, the implementation duration is dramatically reduced.

Ensure compliance

By ensuring the compliance of the processes with ITIL, the module allows superior quotations for audits and the documentation of the solution as sole source of real information (single source of truth).

Increase efficiency

By reducing the testing effort and assigned personnel to several projects concurrently, the efficiency of the module is increased.

Services included in assistance and support
  • Centrally manages documentation related to¬†projects;
  • Provides business processes and technical information from SAP and non-SAP products;
  • Ensures transparency, maintenance and effective collaboration;
  • Mainly used by experts in business processes and system administrators.
With more than 40 years of experience and hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide, the SAP services are developed to eliminate the implementation risks and to put all the power of the SAP applications in your hands.
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