Professional Training

Simplify the IT processes and implement the best practices to increase the value of your business.

The correct training of the system users and the development of their user abilities allows you to use the product at maximum capacity and to increase the benefits of the implementation. Regardless if the system is a “fresh” implementation or if has been running for several years, Fair Value offers professional training programs that allow users to understand when and how they can use the most relevant functionalities of the system with full efficiency.

All the professional training programs are based on a personalized training documentation and end with an assessment of the attendants’ knowledge. Therefore, regardless if we are talking about pre-implementation training, transitioning from another information system to SAP, training new colleagues or buying companies that use the SAP system, we guarantee that the users of the system will have the correct mix of theoretical and practical knowledge required for the efficient use of the IT system.

Our training programs cover all the required issues and offer long-term results.

Why Fair Value

Fair Value consultants have over 8 years experience in SAP ASAP and ASAP Focus methodology. All our consultants have minimum 6 projects end-to-end lifecycle, which helps ensure an overview over the stage of the organization’s processes and areas where automation of business processes may lead to the greatest financial and operational benefits.e

With more than 40 years of experience and hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide, the SAP services are developed to eliminate the implementation risks and to put all the power of the SAP applications in your hands.
Rapid Deployment Solution

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SAP Transformation Services

Align the IT strategy with the financial objectives by optimizing the processes and simplifying the required IT architecture.

Run Simple With SAP Services

Discover how you can simplify the implementation and adoption of SAP solutions through our services.

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The Value of SAP Enterprise Support

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