Maintenance of SAP Licenses

Increase the performance of the acquired system by updating functionalities and accelerate the settlement of any incidents.

Fair Value offers full maintenance services for the SAP licenses acquired from us or from third parties. Our competitive advantages allow us to offer superior, premium maintenance services, with high availability and reaction times that are significantly better than any other SAP partner, at prices that are definitely advantageous. Our investments focus on counselor expertise, deliverables quality and improvement of the interaction experience for our customers. Our references are the basis for our unique, unchallenged reputation.

Fair Value has the SAP Partner Center of Expertise certification that proves the quality level of the maintenance services according to the worldwide SAP AG standards ever since 2012. The Enterprise Support services that we provide are:


Continuous improvement

Due to the possibility of accessing the newest versions with additional functionality packs, you benefit of a continuous improvement of the licensed products and an enrichment of the usage experience.

Legal compliance

The service ensures the automation of the legal updates, which offers safety in terms of being able to observe the legal requirements in a simple way, without any downtimes.

Access to SAP Marketplace

By having access to instructions, development notices, bug fixes and to the free exchange of information with millions of members of the SAP consultants community, you can get quick and qualified answers for any questions.

Rapid issue resolution

SAP Note Assistant grants you access to documentation regarding all software errors and correction notices. Non-stop escalations allow the quick resolution of high priority incidents.

Error prevention

Automated quality checks remove downtimes, they document and immediately report any failure that occurred in the correct implementation or execution of the licensed products.

Services included

Optimize system performance by interpreting compliance reports.

Fair Value provides configuration of SAP Solution Manager for tracking and optimizing the system performance. Through this service, SAP AG issues a weekly report that Fair Value interprets and suggests actions that should be taken in order to optimize the system functioning at the highest level.

With more than 40 years of experience and hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide, the SAP services are developed to eliminate the implementation risks and to put all the power of the SAP applications in your hands.
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