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SAP AG is the only major supplier of software business solutions in the world that provides access to the source code of its applications. ABAP is the SAP ERP specific programming language that was specially created to adapt the functionalities of the system to the specifics of each company. This major benefit grants you independence from the company that implemented the system and freedom to adapt it to specific needs. This way, you can modify or expand the standard functionalities to quickly and efficiently respond to any new business needs.

In order to fulfill the customers’ requests during implementation¬†projects or, at a later stage, while the support and assistance services are carried out, Fair Value has developed a dedicated department for ABAP programming. This department provides any interested company with an ABAP programming team, highly experienced in various operational business areas.

All the development are based on strict quality standards, as they are tested according to the norms required by SAP AG before being transported in the productive systems.

With more than 40 years of experience and hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide, the SAP services are developed to eliminate the implementation risks and to put all the power of the SAP applications in your hands.
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