Complete solutions for retail.
Give consumers the products, information, and personalized shopping experiences they want with SAP software solutions for modern omni-channel commerce.
Business solutions tailored for retail
You need a deep understanding of the modern customer. Carefully select products, channels and promotional offers for each customer individually.
Customer Insights
Marketing Insights

Unify all market information, forecast purchase behavior and get customer insights in order to rapidly increase sales.


Omnichannel Marketing

Optimize the marketing mix, increase the impact of promotions, make real-time decisions to drive higher marketing ROI.


Assortment Planning

Properly plan category sales and margins, selling locations and channels to reduce operational costs and maximize profits.

Promotions and Special Offers

Asses purchasing behaviors, forecast needs, plan and manage effective promotion campaigns and special pricing offers.

Smart Procurement
Vendor Management

Reduce risks and procurement costs through efficiently planing the assortments and correctly managing the suppliers.

Merchandise Buying

Use effective procurement processes, control risks while reducing costs through negotiating volume orders globally.

Private Labels

Deliver high-quality, competitive private labels at reasonable prices while strengthening the brand image and growing market share.

Collaborative Retail

Manage complex retail networks by working closely with suppliers in terms of sales planning, promotion, delivery, inventory, forecasting and more.

Supply Chain Optimisation
Supply Chain Insights

Maximize customer loyalty and revenue with a dynamic supply chain.

Replenishment Planning

Meet shopper demand, optimize inventory and improve sales in order to achieve cost savings.

Omnichannel Inventory

Enhance omnichannel inventory and order response by accurately managing inventory across multiple locations, regardless of the sales channel.


Logistics and Fulfillment

Orchestrate a holistic logistics network across your entire supply chain, from planning to order fulfillment.

Omnicommerce Experience
Customer Insights

Know and segment your customers, measure the effectiveness of your customer engagement processes throughout all contact points.

Omnicommerce Orchestration

Streamline the order process by capturing sales data from multiple channels and gain highly satisfied customers.

Customer personalized interactions

Influence shopping behavior and increase the average shopping cart value through discounts, promotions and custom offers.

Store and Digital Commerce

Present a single view of your brand across physical and online channels from the first interaction to an efficient, secure checkout.

Why SAP Retail?
Why Fair Value?
Powerful expertise

Over our 10 years of activity, we’ve become the strongest SAP partner on the private market, with more than 30 complex deployments in industries such as retail, distribution, services and constructions.

Modern technologies

We develop proprietary solutions using the most modern technologies in the SAP portfolio – SAP BI, SAP Analytics, SAP HANA, SAP hybris – for an increase in performances, stability and speed.

Cost transparency

We offer total transparency regarding the cost of projects, starting with the planning and assigning of resources to projects and up to accessing the competences and proactive information.

Unique abilities

The projects we have carried out allowed us to develop unique abilities on the local market in eCommerce SAP hybris systems, in Strategy Management, in solution integration or Aerospace & Defence.

Validated methodologies

Implementation risks are removed by using SAP ASAP and Focus ASAP methodologies. The results of satisfaction analyses and our customers’ recommendations honor us.

Unbeatable prices

The SAP Gold Partner status grants us access to preferential prices. Our internal costs allow us to offer German technology for the buying power of the Romanian market.

Data Sheet
SAP Retail

Discover the impact of SAP business solutions for modern retail on customer loyalty and assortments optimization.

Data Sheet
Pricing and Promotions

Is there a way to plan more efficiently the marketing campaigns and pricing promotions by gaining insights on purchasing behavior? Learn more from the attached material.

Data Sheet
Private Label from SAP

Discover the impact of private label development on sales by capturing ideas through a variety of channels.

Data Sheet
Store and Digital Commerce

Learn the modern practices and strategies in digital multichannel commerce and the impact of tracking and updating inventory in real time.