Offer innovative experiences through mobile applications developed on the latest SAP technology platform.
Mobile Enterprise Solutions
Mobile Teams Streamlining
Mobile SFA
Insurance SFA

Offer the entire array of insurance services to your customers in the fastest way possible: on the spot.

Sale SFA

Streamline the activity of sales agents through rapid access, from anywhere, to all the sale process-relevant information.

Meter Reading

Increase the performance of mobile teams and the reading speed of the meters through mobile applications.

Mobile Travel
Leave approval

Immediately answer to leave requests, anytime anywhere, through mobile applications.

Settlement approval

Simplify the settlement of travel expenses.

Operational solutions
Handsome business man using electronic tablet
Stock Management

Quickly and efficiently manage all the entries or exits of stock merchandise though mobile devices.

Mobile reports and analyses

Quick access to relevant information and key performance indicators through mobile applications.

HYPE Mobile Device Management

Secure company information on the mobile devices of the employees.

Loyalty applications
In-store Sales Support

Completely change the experience of customers while shopping, granting in-store support to sales agents through a dedicated mobile application.

Several SAP Mobile Customers
Why Fair Value?
Powerful expertise

Over our 10 years of activity, we’ve become the strongest SAP partner on the private market, with more than 30 complex deployments in industries such as retail, distribution, services and constructions.

Modern technologies

We develop ownership solutions using the most modern technologies in the SAP portfolio – SAP BI, SAP Analytics, SAP HANA, SAP hybris – for an increase in performances, stability and speed.

Cost Transparency

We offer total transparency regarding the costs of projects, starting with the planning and assigning of the resources to projects up to accessing the competences and proactive information.

Unique abilities

The projects we have carried out allowed us to develop unique abilities on the local market in eCommerce SAP hybris systems, in Strategy Management, in solution integration or Aerospace & Defence.

Validated methodologies

Implementation risks are removed by using SAP ASAP and Focus ASAP methodologies. The results of satisfaction analyses and our customers’ recommendations honor us.

Unbeatable Prices

The SAP Gold Partner status grants us access to preferential prices. Our internal costs allow us to offer German technology for the buying power of the Romanian market.


Fair Value offers you German expertise at the buying power of the Romanian market through the best SAP AG certified consultants. We are anxious to provide you with real end-to-end solutions that would immediately increase the competitiveness of your business.