More than 30,000 users in Romania already enjoy the advantages and performances of SAP ERP. When will you join our league?
To exemplify with only a few of the 25 industries that it leads, SAP means: 86% of the global sport shoes production. 70% of the worlds' chocolate production. 50% of the world's jeans production. 72% of the world's beer production. 77,000 cars being produced every day.

These require an extremely solid, validated information system. A mature system. Powerful. Rapid. Modern.
Financial Solutions
Financial accounting

Capture all the financial transactions for automation and simplification of external financial reports. You can record, process and report financial accounting data for any type of company, currency, account plans or reporting standards.

Management Accounting

Offer management the financial information that is relevant for an efficient operational execution. Track all expenses per cost elements, cost centers, profit centers, internal orders, product costs and profitability analysis, in a simple and efficient manner.

Asset Accounting

Efficiently manage assets through flexible asset write-downs and depreciation calculation methods in different parallel accounting systems. Quickly obtain a clear and correct image of all the relevant information regarding the owned assets.

Logistic Solutions
Acquisition Management

Simplify the acquisition of raw materials, materials and merchandise, from the planning of the acquisition demand to the checking and insertion of the invoice. Provide an efficient control of the suppliers, orders, confirmations, receipts, lots, invoices and associated documentation.

Stock Management

Track the raw materials, materials, semifinished and finished products and inventory objects stocks in parallel, from a logistics and accounting standpoint. Plan the optimal level of stocks and reduce the procurement costs, permanently ensuring the required merchandise volume for sale.

Warehouse Management

Optimize the storage of merchandise, from reception in management and up to its delivery to the customers. Reduce time in stock, optimize the routes of merchandise to storage, efficiently assign employees. Ensure merchandise traceability through barcodes, scanners, RF, RFID or voice.

Transport Management

Automate the physical transport of goods from one location to another – create shipping orders, reserve merchandise, plan routes, auction and select transporters, monitor expeditions, calculate transport fees, observe international regulations and many others.

Operational Solutions
Production Management

Automate the real-time calibration of the production capacity with the customer orders volume. Optimize the make-to-stock production (large series), the make-to-order production (small series), the one-off production or the process production. Plan the required materials and optimize the routes to the production facilities.

Quality Management

Define, deploy and automate all the specific processes, procedures and work instructions for a quality control system. Control the planning of inspections, acquisition quality, sale quality and distribution, failure recording or management of testing equipment.

Service Management

Capture, evaluate and improve the satisfaction and loyalty of customers through relevant interactions through all communication channels. Develop company competitiveness through an internal culture specific to premium services, by delivering excellence in all the customer contact points.

Maintenance and Repairs

Increase the lifecycle of equipment through automating the maintenance and repairs, from preventive inspections and up to the tracking of repair execution and the management of equipment history. The system manages the associated documentation and it is integrated with GIS, CAD or SCADA systems.

Horizontal Solutions
Sales and Distribution

Accelerate the commercial process and the decision speed. Gain new opportunities and centralize market information. Efficiently track all requests for quotation, quotations, agreements, invoices, delivery notes, customers, potential customers, partners of the distribution networks or sale areas.

Project Management

Correctly plan projects and project portfolios, from defining the project structures to the development of detailed plans, with optimizing the assigned resources for each project stage. Correctly identify the quality, availability and loading of the resources or the execution stage of the projects.

Investment Management

Minimize financial risks through planning and tracking the performance of complex investment projects. Manage the annual investment program at the level of the organizations, companies, department or projects and automate the transfer of investment planning and performance between years.

Human Resource Management

Discover why SuccessFactors is the most complete human resource product in the world. Perfectly adapted to the Romanian legislation, the system offers extremely powerful wage calculation and personnel management, recruitment, evaluation, succession and career development tools.

Fair Value - SAP ERP Customers
Powerful expertise

Over our 10 years of activity, we’ve become the strongest SAP partner on the private market, with more than 30 complex deployments in industries such as retail, distribution, services and constructions.

Modern technologies

We develop ownership solutions using the most modern technologies in the SAP portfolio – SAP BI, SAP Analytics, SAP HANA, SAP hybris – for an increase in performances, stability and speed.

Cost Transparency

We offer total transparency regarding the costs of projects, starting with the planning and assigning of the resources to projects up to accessing the competences and proactive information.

Unique abilities

The projects we have carried out allowed us to develop unique abilities on the local market in eCommerce SAP hybris systems, in Strategy Management, in solution integration or Aerospace & Defence.

Validated methodologies

Implementation risks are removed by using SAP ASAP and Focus ASAP methodologies. The results of satisfaction analyses and our customers’ recommendations honor us.

Unbeatable Prices

The SAP Gold Partner status grants us access to preferential prices. Our internal costs allow us to offer German technology for the buying power of the Romanian market.


Fair Value offers you German expertise at the buying power of the Romanian market through the best SAP AG certified consultants. We are anxious to provide you with real end-to-end solutions that would immediately increase the competitiveness of your business.