Your audience is made up of individuals. Sell selectively through the most powerful contextual marketing platform.
Regardless of how complex the eCommerce process is and through how many channels it is carried out, hybris is the ideal solution.
Omni-Channel Commerce for B2C

Offer consumers an exceptional experience in all touchpoints: sale, order or return, regardless if the interactions are in stores, online, through telephone or mobile devices. Increase the customers’ satisfaction and loyalty and maximize income.

Omni-Channel Commerce for B2B

Identify and generate sale opportunities through efficient marketing actions. Manage sales through any type of business model or transaction channel. Simplify the auction and negotiation activities. Increase the efficiency in a B2C commerce specific experience.

Product Content Management

Quickly and smartly build and efficiently publish the required product content for a modern experience. Immediately publish, from anywhere, information, documentation, video or audio materials or product demos. All this through the most advanced collaborative platform in the world.

Order Management

Automate all workflows to satisfy the orders and order-associated activities, such as deliveries, transport, associated documents, labels or barcodes. Deliver to stores or at home, regardless of the channel through which orders are received.

Several hybris Customers
Powerful expertise

Over our 10 years of activity, we’ve become the strongest SAP partner on the private market, with more than 30 complex deployments in industries such as retail, distribution, services and constructions.

Modern technologies

We develop ownership solutions using the most modern technologies in the SAP portfolio – SAP BI, SAP Analytics, SAP HANA, SAP hybris – for an increase in performances, stability and speed.

Cost Transparency

We offer total transparency regarding the costs of projects, starting with the planning and assigning of the resources to projects up to accessing the competences and proactive information.

Unique abilities

The projects we have carried out allowed us to develop unique abilities on the local market in eCommerce SAP hybris systems, in Strategy Management, in solution integration or Aerospace & Defence.

Validated methodologies

Implementation risks are removed by using SAP ASAP and Focus ASAP methodologies. The results of satisfaction analyses and our customers’ recommendations honor us.

Unbeatable Prices

The SAP Gold Partner status grants us access to preferential prices. Our internal costs allow us to offer German technology for the buying power of the Romanian market.


Why Hybris?
Hybris Solution Brief

Discover the main benefits and functionalities of hybris, but also the impact that contextual marketing has in the modern, omni-channel electronic commerce.

Multichannel Commerce

Find out what the best practices are for attracting, developing the loyalty and retaining customers from the inventor of the term “omni-channel commerce”, SAP Hybris.

White Paper
SMS Notification by Hybris

Automate the notification of customers in all delivery phases of the ordered products through 900 telephony operators that are partners with SAP Hybris.

Omnicommerce with Hybris

Live a day in the life of a modern consumer in just 5 minutes and find out how Hybris can support you to create more relevant and unforgettable interactions with the customers.

Fair Value offers you German expertise at the buying power of the Romanian market through the best SAP AG certified consultants. We are anxious to provide you with real end-to-end solutions that would immediately increase the competitiveness of your business.