Complete Solutions for Distribution.
Improve your distribution process and proactively meet your customer and supplier needs, with SAP’s wholesale distribution software.
Business solutions tailored for distribution
Plan, source, stock, sell, recover, and analyze – all on one unified IT platform for all business processes.
Opportunity to Cash
Marketing with Speed and Agility

React quickly and capitalize on market opportunities before they disappear. Optimize marketing across channels, customers, and content to drive greater demand and growth.


Sales Force Automation

Turn every interaction between sales people and potential customers into a transaction by full access to all information necessary to complete the conversion.


Collaborative Quote to Cash

Get an accurate understanding of customer needs by teaming up sales, manufacturing, logistics, and finance to work together and share information.

Transparent Service Process and Operations

Access real-time views of customer feedback and boost productivity by collaborating with mobile connectivity in order to access needed data, and transact in real time.

Procure to Pay
Strategic Sourcing and Supplier Management

Reduce cost and improve efficiency in your sourcing processes. Handle the full contract lifecycle with ease by segmenting and efficiently managing key suppliers.

Direct Procurement

Improve operational efficiency and source determination for direct materials. Standardize and automate processes for planned materials, spot sourcing, contract releases, and purchaser-order creation.

Invoice Management

Optimize the payment of bills and reduce costs by automating the payment approvals or redirecting invoices within the company. It will translate into improved cash flow and greater transparency.

Services Procurement

Manage spend, match resources with needs and improve process efficiency. Streamline vendor selection, sourcing negotiation, performance measurement, and invoicing with solutions for services procurement.

Operations throughout the entire Supply Chain
Supply Chain Planning

Facilitate the decision-making process by integrating sales, stocks inventory and operational work flows. By optimizing services, it can be achieved a reduction of existing stocks, with direct impact on profitability.

Transportation Management

Manage transportation requirements for planning, optimizing, tendering, and settling freight. Book carriers, forward orders, and comply with international trade requirements. Manage procurement, sales distribution, and replenishment of goods.

Warehouse Management

Automate warehouse and distribution operations such as inbound and outbound processes, storage, and inventory management and distribution. With SAP warehouse management solutions, your operations can better optimize resources and assets and manage the workforce.


Supply Chain Integration

Get transparency into logistical processes to avoid any bottlenecks. No matter how complex the supply chain is, SAP solutions provide the ne cessary functionalities to mitigate risks and streamline the use of resources.

Profitability Optimization
Supply Chain Insights

Gain visibility into spend data, suppliers and orders. With procurement insight solutions from SAP, you can quickly onboard approved suppliers, gain a full view of supplier information, evaluate their performance, and optimize order quantities in order to maximize savings.

Supply Chain Optimization

Get insights, analyze, manage and respond promptly to variations that can occur across the supply chain. Use “control tower” tools to monitor performance indicators, reports and other necessary information in real time. Perform cause-effect analysis and what-if simulations to ensure the best decisions are taken.

Cost Recovery and Rebates

Manage chargeback and rebate programs to drive profits using cost recovery and rebates solutions from SAP. Automate critical tasks, track details with improved data visibility, and introduce new levels of flexibility into program processes for customers and suppliers alike.

Why SAP Distribution?
Why Fair Value?
Powerful expertise

Over our 10 years of activity, we’ve become the strongest SAP partner on the private market, with more than 30 complex deployments in industries such as retail, distribution, services and constructions.

Modern technologies

We develop proprietary solutions using the most modern technologies in the SAP portfolio – SAP BI, SAP Analytics, SAP HANA, SAP hybris – for an increase in performances, stability and speed.

Cost transparency

We offer total transparency regarding the cost of projects, starting with the planning and assigning of resources to projects and up to accessing the competences and proactive information.

Unique abilities

The projects we have carried out allowed us to develop unique abilities on the local market in eCommerce SAP hybris systems, in Strategy Management, in solution integration or Aerospace & Defence.

Validated methodologies

Implementation risks are removed by using SAP ASAP and Focus ASAP methodologies. The results of satisfaction analyses and our customers’ recommendations honor us.

Unbeatable prices

The SAP Gold Partner status grants us access to preferential prices. Our internal costs allow us to offer German technology for the buying power of the Romanian market.