About Us
For more than 10 years, Fair Value supplied complex business solutions based on SAP, the most powerful business suite in the world.

In 2007, Fair Values becomes SAP Gold Partner and currently is the most reputed SAP partner for the private environment, with more than 30 complex implementations in companies of all sizes, active in fields such as retail and distribution, services, constructions or production.

Besides the consulting services for the implementation of ERP, CRM and eCommerce solutions, Fair Value also develops proprietary intellectual property with the new SAP technologies, such as mobile applications, performance management solutions and BI solutions.

Fair Value develops and implements IT solutions that ensure the growth of performance and competitiveness for its customers, by simplifying and automating business processes. Our optimal cost, quality and functionality ratio is the thing that makes us different and that offers the maximum value that a company can receive from a premium software solution supplier.


By 2020, Fair Value will become the most reputable Romanian provider of premium business solutions and the most important SAP partner in the Romanian private sector.

Customer oriented

We employ all efforts to surpass our customers’ expectations. We understand the needs, anticipate the trends and offer solutions with an open, friendly attitude.


We have a passion for discipline and organization in order to deliver the quality within the limits of the budget and provided terms. We want to undertake responsibilities and we understand working as a team.


We are enthusiastic about what we do. That is how we succeeded in valuing quality in everything we do – project plans, deliverables, offers, presentations. It is our way of life.


We use modern technologies and we are sought out for solutions to the most complex issues. Because we have a passion for finding new approaches for the most difficult challenges.


We have built a reputation on respecting our promises and not compromising. We deliver what we promise to deliver. And even more.

Each customer is a reference

We are trying to develop an exceptional experience during all the interactions stages and all the contact points. We are aware that only a unique experience can differentiate us and recommend us to other customers. Our customers’ recommendations give us the energy to passionately continue what we started more than 10 years ago.

Each customer is a promise

We commit to deliver quantifiable results for each promise that was made. The solutions we proposed are perfectly aligned with the business objectives and we respond to specific requirements, carefully agreed upon with every customer. This is the only way to ensure that we surpass the expectations of our customers every time.

We do not break the promises made to our customers

The solutions that we recommend are permanently calibrated based upon the expertise of our counselors. We carefully evaluate the development stage of the organization, the business processes and the IT infrastructure needs, because we want to be a long-term business partner and not just a seller of software products.

Communication is essential

The more digital communication channels there are, the more people want more human communication, based on personal interactions. We used the e-mail and other electronic devices only to confirm the key points or the progress of projects. We pay regular visits to our customers to identify new cost reduction opportunities.

We sell personalized solutions

We are a service supplier that offers personalized solutions for the extremely specific needs of every customer. We cherish the experiences shared with our customers and we permanently interested in their satisfactions level, usage degree or benefits they obtain. For unprecedented loyalty. Even 10 years after the acquisition.